Top Line Gulf Industries specializes in the full – scope turnkey fit-out solutions, execution of a complete range of excellent interiors, furnishing of middle to high standard hospitality luxury hotels, residential and commercial towers, service apartments, retail shops and public facilities such as offices, banks, villas and hotels refurbishment services.

As a hotel furniture factory in dubai Durable Furniture is the benchmark to any Furniture products we produce, high quality furniture is tested through different stages at Top Line before dispatch and delivery process begins.

Top Line Gulf Industries has the capability of manufacturing customized loose furniture, soft furnishing, upholstery, kitchen cabinets, wardrobes and interior decoration as one stop solution in interior fit-out and FF & E, regardless of project scope, challenges and requirements, Top Line Gulf Industries provides the right response with accurate solutions.

Astonishing presentation excellence in quality and faultless delivery is what our expertise made from.

Top Line Gulf Industries is considered to be a leading furniture factory in the UAE

مصنع توب لاين لصناعة الأثاث واحد من أكبر المصانع في المنطقه ويتميز بالجوده العاليه في مجال تصنيع الأثاث الفندقي والمشاريع السكنيه وتصنيع وتركيب المطابخ والخزائن